Small Grants Scheme



In 2000, the Carnegie Corporation provided funding for USHEPiA to offer small grants to USHEPiA graduates in Science & Engineering. In 2004, the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation provided small grants funding for graduates in the Humanities & Social Sciences. Funds were awarded to graduates who had successfully completed their studies and returned to their home universities. The USHEPiA programme believes that this continued support is essential to build momentum engendered by the initial fellowship and to ensure ongoing capacity building in the home university. Funded projects were deemed to be relevant to the country, contribute to development of capacity within their department, and to the development of research links between universities. Funds were awarded for three years. Renewable grants of $7,000 were awarded each year to graduates whose applications had been assessed and rated by independent academics.

These funds were used to carry out research activities, build research infrastructure, attend conferences and support academic advancement of the graduates.

These grants were awarded in: