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Participant’s Publications


In 2001 the USHEPiA Programme in partnership with the AAU announced a pilot opportunity to build an African research ethic in the areas of science, engineering and humanities.

The proposed network focused on developing the capacity of young academics to publish their research so that it could be peer reviewed, receive the international recognition it deserves, and be more widely applied towards the socio-economic development of Africa. In selecting the successful Fellows, emphasis was placed on research that has a developmental impact.

Objectives of Programme

  • To ensure publication of African research in the international literature
  • To enable talented young academics bring their research into the global arena
  • To promote on-going collaborative research projects and interactions between the USHEPiA partner universities, and to extend this to other universities
  • To strengthen the USHEPiA universities network and build on existing goodwill and resources to increase the research output from Africa.


A total of 31 complete applications were received. The USHEPiA Management Committee assessed all applications in April 2002 and 16 awards were made.


Ms Florence Asiimwe, MU. Visited UCT 1 Aug – 1 Nov 2002

Hosted by Prof K Jubber, Department of Sociology

She completed a report on “Rural Water and Sanitation facilities and use in Tororo District : An Empirical Analysis.”

  • From the report she extracted two articles for publication:
    “The role of women in water supply management, the cultural dilemma”, and
  • “The interface between accessibility to safe water and poverty, recent experiences from Tororo District , Uganda ”.

The report and the articles have been sent to several journals, but have not yet been accepted for publication.

Dr Moses Chimbari, UZ. Visited UNZA

Hosted by Dr L Mubila, Department of Biological Sciences

Expected outcomes of his Fellowship were to produce a paper for publication, to establish collaborative linkages, and to initiate the development of a joint research project between the two Departments.

He was able to work on the following papers:

  • “Prevalence and intensity of the schistosomiasis situation along the Zimbabwean urban and peri-urban shoreline of lake Kariba ” This has subsequently been published.
  • “A field trial of the impact of Sargochromis codringtonii on intermediate host snails for schistosomiasis”
  • “Orphans and minor commercial sex workers in Kariba , Zimbabwe ”
  • “Molluscicidal effects of Jatropha curcas on intermediate host snails for schistosomiasis”

Dr. (Ms) Simiso Dube, NUST, Zimbabwe. Visited UB

Hosted by Dr N Torto, Department of Chemistry

She was encouraged by the prospects for collaborative work between the two universities.

She has submitted a paper for publication :

  • “Application of Open Tubular Electro-chromatography for Acidic and Basic Analytes”.

Dr (Ms) Florence D’Ujanga, MU. Visited UoN

Hosted by Prof J Malo, Department of Physics

She was able to write two scientific papers, ready to be submitted for publication.

  • “Effects of microstructural evolution in sintered kaolin clay on the ultrasonic velocity”
  • “Model for the electrical conductivity of dry-pressed porous ceramics”.

Dr. Zachary Getenga, Maseno U, Kenya. Visited UDSM

Hosted by Dr G Mhinzi, Department of Chemistry

His Fellowship enabled him to carry out a literature survey for his two papers, and also to do laboratory analysis on part of the work.

He has submitted two papers to an international journal.

  • “Mineralization of Glyphosate in Compost-Amended Soil under Controlled Conditions”
  • “Enhanced Mineralization of Atrazine in Compost-Amended Soil in Laboratory Studies”

The two articles submitted to the Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology have been accepted. One article is published in the November issue 2003 vol.71, vol.5. The second article was published in February 2004, Vol.72, issue 2.

Mr. Fred Kabi, MU. Visited UZ

Hosted by Dr S Makuza, Department of Animal Science.

He participated in a Feed Formulation Training Workshop, and presented a paper on “Information Required in Ruminant Diet Formulation Based on Combined Metabolisable Energy and Protein System”. He also presented a seminar to all staff and students interested in the research area. He acted as a guide to some undergraduate students whose interest lay in his area.

He has written a paper which was sent for review.

  • “Qualification of feed parameters used in diet formulation based on metabolizable energy and protein system from incubation measurements in steers”

He was also able to finalize his PhD thesis write-up, and expects to extract 3 more papers from this work.

Dr. Jacob Kibwage, Maseno U, Kenya. Visited MU

Hosted by Dr P Kasoma, Department of Environmental Management

He initially proposed to write up four papers, but was only able to achieve two. The following have been submitted for publication :

  • “Integrating the Informal Recycling Sector into Solid Waste Management Planning in Nairobi City ”
  • “The Role and Constraints of Small-Scale Community-Based Composting Groups in Nairobi City , Kenya ”.

He was also able to give a seminar, out of which he is developing 2 postdoctoral research proposals as collaborative projects. He is currently establishing a Masters programme in collaboration with Kyambogo University in Uganda .

Dr. H. Lyaruu, UDSM. Visited UoN

Hosted by Prof J Kinyamario, Department of Botany

The final report submitted by Dr Lyaruu only comprised the paper that he had worked on and would submit for publication. The title is:

  • “Ecological Study of Soils and Vegetation of Western Serengeti , Tanzania ”

Mr. Joseph Magadula, UDSM. Visited UB

Hosted by Prof B Abegaz, Department of Chemistry

As a result of his Fellowship he has submitted the following paper for publication :

  • “Search for Novel and Active Secondary Metabolites from Traditionally Used Medicinal Plants of Tanzania ”

Dr. C. Malama, MRRC, Zambia. Visited UZ

Hosted by Dr P Mapfumo, Department of Agricultural Engineering

Dr Malama with the help of the USHEPiA Contact at UZ was able to concentrate on his work. His report contains only the paper that resulted from his time at UZ. However enquiries of his academic host have elicited a very positive response to his visit.

His paper, which is dedicated to his late daughter, is entitled :

  • “Decomposition and interactions among three tropical tree prunings varying in resource qualities.”

Mr. Munyindei Masialeti, UNZA. Visited UDSM

Hosted by Dr C Kinabo, Department of Geology

During his Fellowship he was able to write a chapter :

  • “Socio-Economic Impacts of Small-Scale Mining – the case of Zambia ”

for inclusion in a book: Hilson, G.M. (ed): The Socio-Economic Impacts of Artisanal and Small-Scale Mining in Developing Countries 2003, 25 cm, 764 pp., ISBN: 90 5809 615 7

Ms Vyvienne M’kumbuzi, UZ. Visited UCT

Hosted by Prof S Amosun, Department of Physiotherapy

  • “Retrieving Physiotherapy patient records in selected health facilities in South Africa ”

was submitted to Disability Rehabilitation and was accepted for publication during March 2004.

  • “Retrieving Physiotherapy patient records in an academic hospital in Johanesburg , South Africa ”

was accepted for publication in the South African Journal of Physiotherapy for their October 2004 edition.

Ms Teckla Mlambo, UZ. Visited UCT

Hosted by Professor R Watson, Department of Occupational Therapy

Ms Mlambo has submitted two articles to the South African Journal of Occupational Therapy :

  • “Assessing the quality of occupational therapy records at an academic hospital in Johannesburg , South Africa .”
  • “Timing of occupational therapy services in the rehabilitation of stroke patients – the experience in an academic hospital in South Africa .”

A third paper is being finalized for submission.

Prof. Wilson Ngecu, UoN. Visited MU

Hosted by Dr J Tiberindwa, Department of Geology

Dr Ngecu has completed his Fellowship and has prepared two manuscripts for publication. The one will be submitted at the end of January. The other has been submitted to the Journal of Environmental Geology.

  • “The extent and significance of mass movements in Eastern Africa : Case studies of some major landslides in Uganda and Kenya ”

Dr. Simon Onywere, Kenyatta U, Kenya. Visited UNZA

Hosted by Dr D Nkhuwa, Department of Geology

His primary aim was to work on data for a paper. This was completed successfully and he has submitted :

  • “Digital image analysis and GIS database design of Lake Bogoria Area : Three-dimensional modeling for slope evaluation”

for review. He also gave a seminar on his findings.